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The Derailer’s Guide to the WTO Released!!!

  • OMC

The Derailer’s Guide to the WTO provides basic information about WTO agreements, what is on the negotiating table for Hong Kong and the remainder of the Doha Round (which will likely continue through 2006), and the main actors in these negotiations.

It also offers ideas about how all those committed to social and economic justice can stalemate, or derail, this latest liberalization offensive through the WTO parading under the guise of “development.”As in the Seattle Ministerial Conference in1999 and the Cancun Ministerial Conference in2003, no deal is better than a bad deal, and a bad deal is the only possible outcome of the direction in which the current negotiations are heading. Time is short and the issues are urgent and many. If we want to protect our commons, and our rights and capacities to shape development to meet the priorities of our communities and societies, it is imperative that we prevent a new trade deal from being reached in the Hong Kong Ministerial Conference and subsequent negotiations. That is, we need to DERAIL THE WTO!

Download the Derailer’s Guide to the WTO:

The Derailer’s Guide to the WTO

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